How It Works

Take up to five photos of the item. Name the item and save it. If you have jewelry or watches, take a photo of serial numbers, details, battery type.  You can even keep a maintenance and repair log. Save your favorite places to eat to share with your friends and family -snap a photo of the place and maybe a dish you loved.

Use categories to organize your items. Move items from one category to another. Choose a descriptive photo to represent each category. Search on any word to quickly find your item. Make as many categories you like.

I Have and I Want are two features you can use to keep track of what you have, and what you want in the future. Both can be e-mailed. I Want can be used as a wish list or as a shopping list for what you need.  Move items from one category to another. Choose what item photo that represents the category. Search for any word and find your item fast. You can make as many categories you like.


My App was developed with passion by a team of great people and the founder of Mμ’s wish to make it easier to share the life’s little gems with the people closest to him.  My App makes it easy to share tips and restaurants with a friend traveling to a place you’ve already been. Or to share an experience you think your friends would enjoy. 

My App is for you – to share the greatest things in life, with the people that mean the most to you.

Start by sharing this app with them,

Morten Bilet Founder, Mμ App

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